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I had just bought this, so took it on a trip, in case I caught something. My friend woke up one morning feeling like she was coming down with something and asked me if I had anything for her to take. She took two capsules and a few hours later had forgotten that she had been feeling sick. The next morning she felt a little something again and took two more and felt fine all day and didn't need anything else for the rest of the trip. Now I never travel without it!

Linda H.


I very rarely write reviews but felt I needed to on this one. 6 months ago I got Shingles and was introduced to Clear Products by my Osteopath, which I swear by the UTI, Shingle and Cold Sore formula. The recommendation to me was to keep up my immune system so I would not relapse. I ordered Immune Support and have been on it since. Christmas everyone around me was sick and I mean everyone, even my husband got a nasty cold which he never gets sick. I pumped the Immune Support as directed and I have been fine, which to me is the real testament. I will never be without it.

Jane L.


You have to take this for a few weeks, and then keep taking it (at a lower dose), but it DOES work. I tried many other things and this is the only thing that has made a difference. After getting rid of the tinnitus while taking the full doses, I cut the dose down to one pill a day and the tinnitus came back a little, so I'm going to go back up to a full dose again and then won't cut it back that much next time.

Chelase J.