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For Whom the Bell Tolls
Scientifically Proven Homeopathic Supplement Clears Ringing of Ears Naturally
Published Monday, April 30, 2007

by Bonnie Carroll


(San Diego, CA) - People who suffer from tinnitus don’t have a lot of options. There is no cure - or effective treatment - for the ringing, roaring, or buzzing sounds they hear 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even when the external world is dead silent. Most doctors try to get patients to simply live with the noise. Sometimes they will suggest a tinnitus masker - in other words, a device that plays white noise to overpower the irritating sounds. In severe cases, they’ll prescribe drugs such as benzodiazepines to help counter the anxiety and insomnia that tinnitus causes. Yet not only are these drugs known to cause dependency, withdrawal from them is actually a well-documented cause of tinnitus! That’s why so many people have happily discovered Clear Tinnitus®, a scientifically proven homeopathic formula that clears tinnitus naturally, from Clear Products Inc®.

The fact that Clear Tinnitus® works so well surprised even its formulator - licensed acupuncturist & herbalist and a Master of Traditional Oriental Medicine, Sta? Ozog III, L.Ac., Dipl. A. & C.H. (NCCAOM). “Even in Oriental Medicine, tinnitus is one of the hardest things to treat,” says Ozog. “I was impressed how effective it was.”

In fact, Ozog didn’t even set out to formulate a tinnitus product. His original formula, Clear Sinus & Ear®, was meant to clear the sinus and ear congestion characteristic of swimmer’s ear. But when he and Skipp Neville - a former patient turned business partner - marketed the product to the diving industry, they got a nice surprise. “Literally within the first six months or so, we were amazed at the number of phone calls and e-mails we received about the side benefits of this product: It either lowered the noise associated with tinnitus, or it eliminated it altogether,” recalls Ozog. “So I reformulated Clear Sinus & Ear® to focus specifically on the ears and Clear Tinnitus® was born.”

But Ozog and Neville didn’t want to rely solely on anecdotal evidence. So they subjected Clear Tinnitus® to a prospective human clinical study run by researchers from the Martha Entenmann Tinnitus Research Center, New York. This study was of a pre-selected group of tinnitus patients diagnosed clinically to have a predominantly cochlear type tinnitus with a middle ear and central component. The hypothesis was that tinnitus relief with ClearTinnitus® reflects improvement in the sensory component of the the tinnitus complaint by controlling the factor of aeration of the middle ears and improvement in Eustachian tube dysfunction. A statistical and clinical significance for improvement/ maintenance in middle ear pressure (MEP) was established with tympanometry. Patients with tinnitus of the severe disabling type selected for this study responding to Clear Tinnitus® reported tinnitus relief accompanied by improvement in or maintenance of MEP of the middle ears. The statistical and clinical significance of Clear Tinnitus® for establishing tinnitus relief remins to be established with a larger cohort of tinnitus patients.

According to the American Tinnitus Association, tinnitus affects over 50 million Americans - or one in five. About 12 million of these cases are considered severe, and 1-2 million people are so debilitated by the condition that they cannot lead normal, functional lives.

The causes of tinnitus are many; it can be due to earwax build-up in the outer ear, mucus build-up in the mucous membranes of the middle ear, or damage to the cochlea of the inner ear - whether from a severe blow to the head, continued exposure to high levels of noise, or the shock of a sudden, loud sound. Shock, grief and long-continued stress can also cause tinnitus. Certain medications, including aspirin, are also to blame.

Unfortunately, tinnitus is a condition that’s hard to treat. And while Ozog and Neville are the first to say that ClearTinnitus® is not a cure - if someone stops using it, the symptoms of tinnitus will return - the fact that they are getting such good results is impressive. Most people notice a difference within 4-6 weeks. Some have experienced a significant decrease in noise level after just a few doses.

How does it work? Clear Tinnitus® is an innovative combination of Chinese herbs and homeopathic remedies, with four main actions: 1. It increases blood circulation, 2. It normalizes fluid within the ear, 3. It balances the interaction of the ear and the hypothalamus of the brain, and 4. It increases oxygenation to the head and ears.

Clear Tinnitus®, which is available in 60-capsule bottles, retails for $19.99. All of the Clear Products Inc.® formulas are available through better health food stores, small grocery chains and vitamin outlets.

Clear Products Inc.® was founded in 1998, by Stanley (Stas) T. Ozog III, a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, with a master’s degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine, and Delmar (Skipp) S. Neville II, an architect and general contractor. Neville came to Ozog as a patient suffering from the pain and congestion of swimmer’s ear. When Ozog treated him with an herbal formula he had specifically developed for him, Neville was so impressed with the results, he convinced Ozog to go into business with him. Their first product was Clear Sinus & Ear®, which was soon followed by Clear Tinnitus®, Clear Motion and Digestive Aid™,Clear Headache ®, Clear Migraine®, and ClearShingles, Herpes & U.T.I.s.™  The company’s mission is to provide the safest, purest, and most effective homeopathic formulas available to improve the quality of life and health of all.

Contact Information: Clear Products Inc.® is located at 6156 Mission Gorge Rd, Suite C, in San Diego, California. For more information about Clear Tinnitus, or any of the other formulas developed by Clear Products Inc.®, visit or contact Julie Nash of Christie Communications, Inc. by phone at 805-962-1347 or email

[1] Goldstein B, et al. Clear Tinnitus® Middle Ear Pressure and Tinnitus Relief: A Prospective Trial. Martha Entennmann Tinnitus Research Center, New York. March 31, 2007. Soon to be published clinical study.