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Clear Tinnitus ® A unique homeopathic formula combined with supportive herbal ingredients to temporarily relieve the symptoms of tinnitus: that annoying ringing, buzzing, humming and roaring sound in your ears. 

You know those ads on TV and in catalogs where people write in and say how great a product was that they bought? Nobody believes them and thinks they are just actors or paid people. Well let me tell you that this one is real. Clear Tinnitus, actually does what it claims to do! For over 6 months I had been to three Doctors, two Ear Specialists who did not do one thing to help the roaring in my head and ears. I was going crazy - no one would help me. Believe in this product, it works! I read about Clear Tinnitus and had to try it to keep my sanity! I had almost become an alcoholic just to try and go to sleep. Day and night this roaring, buzzing, ringing in my ears was driving me out of my mind, seriously! Then I tried it, Clear Tinnitus and it finally stopped. Truly. Please, please if you need help like I did - Do it, buy it. I thank God every day for being able to live a normal life again. 

I'm 78 and say Thank You and Bless You.
Marian C. – El Cajon, CA

I began having loud ringing in my right ear after 3 long dental visits. At first I thought my bite was off, so I went back to the dentist who said my bite was fine. From there I tried massage, chiropractic, and warm compresses. I finally went to an ENT doctor, had an audiology exam (hearing is fine), and ear exam (internal/external ear totally healthy and normal). The ENT doctor told me to "just learn to live with it." He wanted me to get an MRI just to cover his own "assets", but I wasn't thrilled about that. He also prescribed a drug that is typically used for heart patients, which I did not fill. I felt it was hopeless, but then my primary care doctor (also an osteopath) suggested I try Clear Tinnitus. I was skeptical, but began taking it (2 capsules, morning and night). Within about 3 weeks I noticed the ringing had diminished and at times was gone completely. I'm grateful to have found this product. The ringing is still there, but it is nowhere near as loud and annoying, and the times when it is gone are welcome relief. Thank you Clear Products!

Carol F.
Albuquerque, NM
Having Meniere's disease for over 3 years now, I've tried Lipoflavinoids and chinese herb formulas, etc. None have really seemed to be much to get rid of the noise in my right ear, as well as sensitivity to loud noise. Then I decided to try Clear Tinnitus. I can say that within a few days I noticed a significant reduction of tinnitus and better toleration of noisy environments. After using it for 6 weeks or so since, it still works great for me. This is reasonably priced, and all natural. What a relief to know that there is actually something out there that works! Thank you for your product.

Mike A.


Three months ago I took Lipoflavinoids to stop ringing in my ears. It did not help. Last week I saw Clear Tinnitus next it on the couter and though maybe this one will work so I bought a bottle. Taking 2 capsules twice per day after 6 days the noise stopped. Thank you Clear Products.

Patricia V. - Texas 

I have been using Clear Tinnitus for about a week. I have tried everything for my ringing in the ears and hearing loss with no good results. After trying Clear Tinnitus it was almost an immediate improvement. I am very happy with your product and do recommend it to those who suffer with ringing in the ears.

Norberto A. - Connecticut 

I have had humming in my ears for quite some time until I heard of Clear Tinnitus. I have seen a lot of Doctors and an ENT specialist; they all told me there was nothing I could do about it. It was caused by the medication I was on for the pain in my shoulders and back. I have used Clear Tinnitus for 3 monthe and believe it or not, I no longer have the humming in my ears. This has been a miracle pill and I can keep my sanity.

Mona Z. - Montana 
I have been a severe tinnitus sufferer for at least 25 years. Had severe hearing loss in my right ear, mainly noise roaring and whistling. For nearly ten years I have only a very limited amount of hearing which is of little use. I have hearing aids for both ears now. Both my ears developed a whistling noise at a reasonable level around three years ago. Two years ago a further humming began. Whilst in Florida I noticed your Clear Tinnitus product and bought it from Wallgreens. I followed your dosage instructions and did find some relief in noise levels. However a remarkable thing happened one evening I experienced a bad attack, the humming and roaring noises affected my hearing which became scrabbled. I took two tinnitus pills it did help but the real surprise came when I took 2 pills just before bedtime and next morning my hearing returned to level not enjoyed for a long time. The scrabbling effect had gone the humming and roaring levels were so reduced it was remarkable! The hearing loss attacks do come back from time to time but I do not panic now and know that come bedtime the Clear Tinnitus pills will restore my hearing and noise levels. Thank goodness I found your Clear Tinnitus pills, I hope this information makes sense to you and helps other sufferers.

Patrick B.
Thank you Clear Products Inc. for making my life more livable. I developed tinnitus about a year ago. Mine was so bad it seemed I was standing inside a bell tower. I tried all of the suggestions of my doctor. Went to see an ENT doctor, was told I would have to live with it. My wife contacted a herbalist she knows and the woman recommended Clear Tinnitus. I have never put much stock in herbal medicine, but I figured I had little to lose. She said that I'd have to take it for more than a month or so before any noticeable result could be heard. Well, about a month went by, I dutifully took the pills, and one day, for only a short time, the noise was gone. Everything else I do to myself, good and bad (haha) had not changed. Shortly, I was having longer spells without noise. Then I went days w/o was a minor miracle...I could sleep again. I really appreciate your efforts. For those of us who have been told to "just live with it" by doctors and other professionals, we cannot thank you enough!

Andrew K. - Alaska

I feel much better knowing your Clear Tinnitus product has probably saved my sanity and is fantastic!! Thank you,

Fred G.

Just wanted to send a note to let you know my dad has a problem with vertigo. After using your product Clear Tinnitus his symptoms have greatly improved. He has only been taking Clear Tinnitus for only a month and a half and the results are like no other product he has tried. It has helped him hear better and helped with the ringing and roaring in his ears. He is a much happier person when he is not dealing with these problems.

Thanks for such a great product!

Jan – SC

I have been taking 3 capsules a day of Clear Tinnitus for almost 3 years. It has made such a difference. The noise is gone most of the time. If I miss a capsule the noise comes back again and it takes a couple more of capsules to get rid of it. All the doctors I went to had no ideas except I would have to live with it. Thanks again for a great product.

John W. – Palm Beach, FL

My wife Josie suffers from acute tinnitus. We have been told repeatedly that there is no cure and no treatment for tinnitus. We saw Clear Tinnitus advertised and, in desperation, Josie tried it. It Works! Our family Doctor and Pharmacist have been so advised.

John V. – Hampton, VA

Hey, this is for the praise and complements department! I am a 15-year old drummer who loves your stuff. I have been using Clear Tinnitus for about a year and really like the way it works. Keep drumming for life!

Steve M. – Calgary CANADA

After enjoying years of good health with vitamins and natural pills, I made the mistake of going to the doctor and letting him talk me into taking a high blood pressure medication. After 1 week, I went to bed and woke up with tinnitus. I thought I would lose my mind. By accident I stumbled onto Clear Tinnitus on the internet. A few weeks later I saw an advertisement from a local store. I bought Clear Tinnitus the next day. After taking it for 20 days, I have the only relief I have had in months. The ringing has practically stopped so I can go back to my good health. Clear Tinnitus is a Godsend and the herbalist who put this formula together should get a Medal of Honor Award. I will never go without it.

Alma – Panorama City, CA

In November, I unfortunately was exposed to a loud noise. After a few days, ringing started in my ears. It was in my head. I was in a lot of pain. The doctor said there was no injury to my eardrums, and to just try to mask the noise. It was dreadful. Then, searching the internet, I happened upon your website and the testimonies posted there. I purchased your product, Clear Tinnitus. In 2 weeks the noise is gone. I now take two pills every night for maintenance. If I happen to know I am going to have a cup of coffee or a piece of chocolate, I will take another pill in advance, as coffee will bring on more noise. Not to worry, with an extra pill, I can enjoy a cup whenever I want. Thank you for saving my life, Clear Products. Without your product, I would be suffering great pain.

Irene F. – Woodland, CA

As I got older I began to have ringing in my ears that got loud enough to be quite annoying. About a year ago I started taking Clear Tinnitus and within a month my Tinnitus became imperceptible. I have continued to take it and my tinnitus has ceased to be a problem.

Bill H.

I started using your Clear Tinnitus product and can't believe how well it works. I was on it for one bottle and it cleared up my ringing. I stopped taking it to see what would happen and the ringing came back in about 3 days. Thanks for a great product. I am going to buy some more today!!

John B.

I'm a middle-aged man. Working construction, loud music, and playing drums has caused hearing damage. I have a constant buzzing in my ears, particularly in my right ear. Some days are worse than others. I saw your product Clear Tinnitus advertised in Modern Drummer Magazine and decided to give it a try. I was quite pleased with the results. It seems to muffle the noise. I thought perhaps I was fooling myself and didn't realize how well your product worked until I ran out. This stuff really works and I am anxious to start using it again.

George P. – Sheridan, WY

Earlier today I called your office to express my sincere thanks to you for the creation of your product, Clear Tinnitus. For some time, I have been bothered with a slight ringing in my ears. After numerous visits to the doctors, no one had been able to treat the condition. While browsing through a drug store, I happened upon your product. After only three pills (one-and-one-half-days), the noise in my ear was reduced nearly 90% (my estimate). This has been a remarkable reduction in the annoying sound, and I am truly thankful the Clear Tinnitus actually helps to reduce the ringing. I will continue to use your product and recommend it to others who have the same problem!

Great Job!
David K. – New Port Richey, FL

I have suffered from a roaring in the ears for ten years, tried your product and it's the first relief I have had. I have seen many doctors and been to several clinics and was unable to get any relief.

Thank you.
Roy W. – Santa Rosa, CA

As an automotive technician and machinist for over 25 years. I have worked around heavy machinery that is very noisy. As a result of this, I have had a "whining" in my ears for years. It is so loud for me, sometimes when I sleep the noise in my head will wake me up. After many years of having to have some kind of background noise to tune out the noise in my head, I am glad to say that I can now sit peacefully in a quiet room thanks to Clear Tinnitus.

Wayne T. – San Diego, CA

I am 50 years old and have been performing as a musician for over 30 years. Ringing in the ears has always been a problem however in the last 2 years the ringing did not stop, my ears were fighting back. Your product has resolved the ringing problem, thank you so much.

James L. – Long Beach, CA

Clear Tinnitus is Great! Of all the possible sounds in the ears: buzzing, hissing, ringing, humming, clicking, whistling, and growling--mine was hissing. I thought it was caused by allergies, aspirins, ear wax, blood pressure, carotid artery disease, or aging and sought every possible solution for years. I tried reflexology, homeopathy, acupressure, hypnosis, yoga, chiropractic on my neck, massage therapy, pain management, naturopathy, Reiki, osteopathy manipulation, and--needless to say--after spending thousand of dollars, nothing worked. When I started Clear Tinnitus capsules I took 4 spaced evenly throughout the day. In about 2 months the noise stopped. I cut down to 3 a day, then to 2 a day. The hissing is gone. Thank you for such a successful product. Every health food store in the country should have Clear Tinnitus on the shelves.

Joyce F. – N.Y., N.Y.

I never knew that the sounds in my ears were not normal to everyone. I am so pleased with the results achieved after taking your product. My ringing has all but stopped. God bless you and your company for changing my life.

Doreen C. – Blain, WA

Your product is excellent - it really helps! It is the first remedy/treatment that I have had a positive effect from. My pitch tone does not disappear completely, but it's a lot lower and in the morning it's almost not present!

Finn L. – Denmark

I want to take the opportunity to tell you how effective your product, Clear Tinnitus, has been for me. Recently I purchased one bottle on a trial basis to see how effective this product would be. I did notice that the hissing and ringing would come and go throughout the day in spurts. I did not think this product was working until after I no longer had these capsules available. Within a few days, the ringing and hissing returned, louder and continuous. I can hardly wait for my recent order of a year’s supply to arrive!

Thank you so much for your help.
Dee O. – Allen Park, MI

After about 3 weeks of using Clear Tinnitus (6 capsules a day), I noticed a change in the high frequency ringing I've had in my left ear for 13 years. It began to "warble" a bit and had a lower pitched sound to it. Then one morning shortly thereafter, I awoke to almost silence! The ringing now is much lower than it used to be although it tends to raise somewhat in volume as the day goes on. The days and night are quieter now and only time will tell how much softer the tinnitus will get. This is the only product that has worked for me and I recommend others to give it a try!

Bob G. (Speech Pathologist)

I recently bought your Clear Tinnitus to give it a try. I have had tinnitus for about 4 years now and I could not find any relief from anything. I would say some days it was like standing next to a 747 taking off. I was very skeptical about your product working. I have been taking 3 pills a day for a week and within 3 days I noticed my tinnitus was not as loud and it seems to get better every day. I am very surprised and you don't know what a relief it is.


I recently purchased Clear Tinnitus and it has worked wonders for me. I just started using it on Friday night and already I am noticing a relief. I hear a lot better without distraction, I no longer jump and become off balance when a loud noise is heard or a noisy vehicle passes by me. It’s a miracle! I love it! I feel more relaxed. Still a little ringing in the left ear, but it may diminish as I keep taking the product. Oh, yeah, and I'm not as sensitive to light. Also I can breath better. Many more benefits from this product will be experienced I'm sure. I have also tried Clear Sinus & Ear in the past with great results!

Thank you.
Lori V.

I was born with a defective eardrum which caused me great difficulty growing up. Over the years I adopted ways to hear people better by positioning myself with my good ear toward them or holding the receiver to my good ear when talking on the phone. The buzzing and ringing was at times almost unbearable. The only relief I found was to apply pressure just behind the ear with my thumb. About 2 months ago my sister mailed me some of your Clear Tinnitus formula. She didn't tell me what to expect, she just said try this and see what happens. About 3 days later I noticed the ringing and hissing all but stopped. About 1 week later I realized I did not have to apply pressure to my ear and the noise completely stopped. But the most incredible thing happened one day when I was talking with my sister on the phone (with my good ear to the receiver). With my "bad" ear I actually heard my girlfriend putting the key in the lock to our apartment. This is totally amazing because I could never hear out of that ear before. I can't thank you enough.

Tony K. – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

clearproducts.jpgDEFENSE STANDARD publisher David Peabody doesn't often suffer from Tinnitus but when he does he recommends Clear Products!David Peabody. – Tampa, FL






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