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What Our Clients Say...about Clear Sinus & Ear

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Clear Sinus & Ear™
 A unique homeopathic formula combined with supportive herbal ingredients for the temporary relief of sinus & ear congestion related conditions. Results may vary. 

I had suffered horribly from a debilitating sinus infection about a year ago where the strongest antibiotic (Bactrim) the doctor could give me did not work. I turned to Clear Sinus & Ear and began to feel relief the very same day. Gratefully, I was able to open my eyes again and lift my head – the first time in a week. So when my current cold started showing signs of turning into another sinus infection I turned to your product for immediately for relief. With Clear Sinus & Ear I can function during the day and get my job done without suffering from any side effects such as the nausea, vomiting and drowsiness I experienced with the prescription drugs my doctor gave me. This is my first thank you to you, but I am glad I received the wonderful benefit the second time around as well. 

Patty C. San Diego, CA

I live in South Texas where, in January of each year, the cedar trees in the hill country literally explode with pollen, causing many folks to suffer terribly with allergic reactions. My reaction for many years was been a buildup of fluid in my ears, sometimes resulting in an ear or sinus infection that had to be treated with antibiotics. Two years ago, after a particularly troublesome infection, I decided, "enough is enough" and went to one of our local health food stores to look for homeopathic solutions to this problem. While going through the sinus and allergy section, the label Clear Sinus and Ear got my immediate attention and since the information on the label specifically mentioned that the product is useful for addressing fluid and pressure in the ears, I decided to give it a try. I was amazed at how quickly the product worked, with absolutely no side effects. I am now a firm believer in this product, I use it whenever I feel pain or pressure in my ears or when I have sinus drainage, and I have been free of infections since I started using it. Clear Sinus & Ear is the answer to my allergy woes and I just wish I had discovered it sooner!

Nadia – San Antonio, TX
I have used Clear Sinus & Ear for several months. This is outstanding for treating my allergies. This product works better than any drugs at a fraction of the price. I have told my doctor and anyone that will listen about your company.

Thank you.
Al – Phoenix, AR


I recommend Clear Sinus & Ear to everyone who has earaches from allergies. I live in central Kentucky which is considered the allergy capital of the world because it's so green here and there's so much pollen and mold.

Michelle – Lexington, KY

I would like to endorse the product Clear Sinus & Ear, which I have been using for 1 year, as the best relief giver for chronic sinus problems. There have been no side effects and constant relief from sneezing, nasal congestion, and sinus headaches. Thanks for creating a product that really works.

Claire C.

I am a recreational scuba diver who recently ordered your Clear Sinus & Ear product. I always have problems equalizing during dives. After dives, I routinely suffer from sinus and ear problems (mild cases of barotitis media). All I can say about your product is that it works!!!! I will continue to shop with your company for this product.

Dreu – IL
I just wanted to let you know that I was very satisfied with the Clear Sinus & Ear product when I went on an aggressor cruise this last fall. I had been having problems with my ears and did not want to have problems when I was diving. I took the product as directed and it was wonderful! Thank you so much! I will definitely buy again for my next trip. I also had some left over and gave it to another person who was staying on the boat for another week.

Joann K.
I would like to endorse the product Clear Sinus & Ear, which I have been using for 1 year, as the best relief giver for chronic sinus problems. There have been no side effects and constant relief from sneezing, nasal congestion, and sinus headaches. Thanks for creating a product that really works.

Claire C.

I am writing this letter in praise of Clear Sinus & Ear! Before using Clear Sinus & Ear I received some help from prescription and non-prescription drugs for periods of severe sinus and chest congestion caused by allergies. But within 2 days of using Clear Sinus & Ear my congestion was gone! Since I am plagued with allergies all year long, I am very glad that you have made Clear Sinus & Ear available to the general public. I am also glad that Clear Sinus & Ear is an herbal product so that it not only assists in eliminating the reactions to allergies but I believe goes to the source of the problem within the body itself. I want to thank you again for making Clear Sinus & Ear to all of us who suffer from severe allergies.

Dan F. - Como, Texas

I take Clear Sinus & Ear when I get a cold and it works great. I love the fact it’s herbal and clears my congestion without any side effects.

Greg H.
I have suffered from hay fever and seasonal allergies for years and the over the counter medications I have been taking always leave me feeling tired or drowsy. Using Clear Sinus & Ear has been wonderful in controlling the sneezing and watery eyes that occur during the spring season without any side effects.

Melodi G.
I  love to hike and enjoy the outdoors but my allergies can be so bad it sometimes doesn’t seem worth all the trouble. I have been using Clear Sinus & Ear for a year now and I can keep my runny nose and watery eyes in check without any side effects.

Tim R.

I just wanted to say I tried the Clear Sinus & Ear one week ago for the first time, and it is wonderful! For two and a half years, I have had extreme ear pain due to allergies. The allergies caused fluid to build up in my middle ear causing extreme pain. I have been to three doctors and have tried all sorts of medicines. This is better than any of that by far. I couldn't believe that in 15 minutes or less that the pain in my ears was/is gone. My ears popped so that I can hear much better than I have in a long time. Keep making this product!!!

Michelle B.
Thanks for the prompt shipment of the Clear Sinus & Ear product. The pain in my right ear has been substantially reduced.

Maurice B. - Brooklyn, NY
I tried one box and this stuff is AWESOME! My ears were much, much better.

Donna F. - Canada

Just received your product. After just 24 hours my sinuses are draining for the first time in a week. Can't wait to see what happens when I fly in a couple of weeks. This may be the first time I can fly without pain in my ears!

Dennis M. - Rhode Island
I have serious allergies that turn to sinus infections. Your product is the only thing that helps. I gave my last box... to 2 people at work that could not breathe and nothing their doctor gave them worked. They loved the product and are both ordering it... Thank you

Mark V. - Glendale, AZ
I have been highlighting your products in my lectures, as well as telling health store managers about them. In fact, one manager, Clare A. ...has finally become a believer. I brought her my last box (because even though her store carries the products, she was out), and she just could not believe how fast it worked! ...I was happy to share with her what I had.

Every manager or client I have told about your products loves them. It is so nice to find a company that produces effective, high-quality supplements.

Judith T. - Riverside, CA (Nutritionist)

I just wanted to thank you so much for overnighting the products you sent to La Sierra Natural Foods. ...I was using the Clear Sinus & Ear about 3 months ago and found it to be very helpful. I was also able to share the product information with my sister on the Clear Sinus & Ear. Thank you so much.

Clare A. - (Manager of La Sierra Natural Foods)

...We purchased your product in the United States for a cruise and it worked very well.

Paul O. - Ontario, Canada


* Results may vary. 

* The uses of this product are based on traditional principles of homeopathy. They have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.