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What Our Clients Say...about Clear Restless Leg Relief

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Clear Restless Leg Relief™
 A unique homeopathic formula combined with supportive herbal ingredients to temporarily relieve the symptoms associated with Restless Leg Symdrone. Results may vary.

Just wanted you to know that I think this is a sensational product! In all my 6 decades, I haven't found anything that works quite as well. I've taken 2 caplets when my legs begin to twitch and it works every time. Thanks for developing this product!

P.S. - If you don't already, you might advertise Clear Restless Leg Relief for Periodic Li9mb Movement Disorder (PLMD) -- which i mostly suffer from and take your products for. I usually get PLMD when i rest and relax while reading a book or watching TV before bed. PLMD is quite distinct from Restless Leg Syndrome, but I can attest that your product definitely works for PLMD! Many suffer from it as well as Restless Leg Syndrome.

All good wishes selling your product!


Jean M.


* Results may vary

* The uses of this product are based on traditional principles of homeopathy. They have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.